Bead DIY Embroidery Kit "Golden Fashion" 19.7"x8.3"/ 50.0x21.0 cm

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Bead DIY Embroidery Kit "Golden Fashion"
When we made something with our own hands, we experience a sense of relaxation along with meditation.
Embroidery has a "therapeutic effect" and when we see a wonderful, creative work it inspires us not only to needlework, but also to other accomplishments.
Using beads of different sizes, not only standard sizes of 10, allows creating pictures with a 3D effect.
These schemes are designed for any skill level from «Easy» to «Expert».
The DIY Kit contains:
- Fabric: Satin
- Sorted high-quality Preciosa beads (Czech Republic)
- Instructions in English
- Special needle and threads
Difficulty level: Medium
Finished size: 19.7"x8.3"/ 50.0x21.0 cm
Number of beads: 7831 pc
Number of colors: 6