DIY Christmas tree toy kit "Christmas tree"

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DIY Christmas toy kit  "Christmas tree", Xmas tree beading embroidery, bead stitching wood decor
Set for embroidery with beads on a plywood basis.
You can put it under the tree or make a New Year's gift for your friend.
This beadwork on a wooden blank is a form of embroidery with thread in which beads are used to form an embroidered picture.
The kit contains all the necessary materials:
- a perforated blank made of high-quality plywood and a stand;
- instructions for working with the kit;
- a printed embroidery scheme with the colors and amount of beads used in the kit;
- Czech PRECIOSA beads;
- thread and needles for embroidering with beads;
- needle and thread for stitching parts

Material: plywood 
Size: 5.1x7.7 in / 13.0x19.5 cm
Bead count: 4340 pcs
Colors: 14