DIY kit for shopper bag kit "Funny panda"

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DIY kit for shopper bag kit "Funny panda", Handbag with bead embroidery kit, Gift for women
Shopper bag for embroidery with beads on handbag fabric.
It has long and comfortable handles. The length of the handles is 54 cm.
The bag is completely sewn.
The decor is crisp with rich colors and high-quality printing.
The decor is waterproof.
The beading kit includes Preciosa Czech beads in the required number, PONY beading needles, and Ariadna TYTAN beading thread in the required length.
Material:  handbag fabric
Clasp:  button
Color: brown
Size:  380*270*50 mm (15"х10,6"х2")
The length of the handles 54 cm. (21")
Made in Ukraine
WARNING! The color of the bag may vary slightly.